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Taizhou Jobo Machinery Mold Co., Ltd is located in the East China Sea, which is the renowned land of orange in the country and the hometown of mould. Ningbo port in the north, the south according to Huangyan airport, the transportation of the company is convenient for highway and railway. The company got a total investment of $3 million, and covers an area of ten thousand square meters. The companys product marketing structure is mainly for export. At present, the product have good sales in more than twenty countries, such as the middle east, Africa, the Americas and so on, and enjoy good public praise and reputation in worldwide.

After many years of production practice, the company accumulated the rich cap machinery manufacturing experience. In order to make the ‘made in Jobo’ become the industry benchmark, the company has invested a lot of money and equipped with advanced mechanical processing equipment, imported and cultivated the professional and technical personnel. Actively improved the production technology and made continuous innovation.

The company has successfully developed different specification of hydraulic cap compression molding machine, attaching cap folding machine, automatic cap slitting machine and automatic cap lining machine .The type of JF-30BY hydraulic bottle cap molding machine has applied for national patent.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “Honesty pragmatic, Quality first, Customer focus, Beyond the ordinary.” According the request of different customer, the company provides a full range services of design, product, commissioning and after-sale technical support.

We warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to negotiate. Sincerely hope to establish good, reliable and stable relations of cooperation with every customer, and got common development!

Taizhou Qiao Bo Machinery Mold Co., Ltd. (formerly Taizhou Huangyan Jinfeng Plastic Factory) is a professional manufacturer of cap machinery and cap mold enterprises, after years of production practice, has accumulated a wealth of cap machinery and cap mold Manufacturing experience. In order to enhance the companys competitiveness, the company invested a lot of money with advanced production equipment, the introduction and training of professional and technical personnel, is committed to providing our clients with more perfect products and services. The company always adhere to the "integrity and pragmatic quality-oriented, customer first, beyond the ordinary" business philosophy, for different customer needs, can provide from the design and installation, commissioning, after-sales technical support, such as a full range of services. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our factory, and sincerely hope that with each customer to establish a good, reliable and stable relations of cooperation, join hands and common development! Taizhou Qiao Bo Machinery Mold Co., Ltd. (Taizhou Huangyan Jinfeng Plastic Factory) is a professional manufacturer of cap machinery and cap molds. After many years of production practice
QiaoBo four values
Altruistic choice
Thanksgiving sharing
Efficient and ingenuity
QiaoBo three principles
Altruistic achievements each other
Absolute trust zero tolerance
Do not spread the negative, sustained struggle
QiaoBo idea
Business philosophy: quality-oriented, customer first
Employer concept: both ability and political integrity
Training concept: sand into a tower
Engineering concept: focus on the definition of professional
Product concept: all supply chain exclusive custom
Service concept: active service, the problem because of my stop

My life has been dedicated to Chinas bottling manufacturing industry

Since the reform and opening up, Chinas plastic and mold manufacturing has been developing rapidly, making a great contribution to Chinas becoming a world factory. As an operator and pioneer of plastic manufacturing industry, I have been engaged in plastic bottle cap manufacturing industry since 1982 and have been in the industry for more than 30 years. In 1988, I successfully completed the development of the first bottle cap injection mold in taizhou, and in the same year, I started to start the factory, specializing in the production of bottle cap injection moulds and the manufacture of bottle cap products. In 2006, we had a chance to upgrade. I saw the moulding machine in a foreign exhibitions, in my opinion, high efficiency of the moulding machine this is the development trend of future cap manufacturing industry, to that end, I began to look up any information that is not much, hired a professional mechanical design team, combined with more than 20 years of my bottle cap mould and product manufacturing experience, through the unremitting efforts of more than a year, we successfully developed taizhou first type hydraulic bottle cap moulding machine.
After many years of production practice, we have accumulated rich experience in cap machinery manufacturing, and spent a lot of money, equipped with advanced mechanical processing equipment, introducing and cultivating professional and technical personnel, and actively improve the production process, continuous innovation, through three years of research and development efforts, we in November 2016, the company independent research and development success of the second generation ultra fast type hydraulic bottle cap mould press, velocity equals sacmi moulding machine.
After the successful transformation, we are still engaged in the bottle cap manufacturing industry, because I believe that the major is to use all of the energy to a point, focusing on one thing is the success. Three decades of hardships and hardships, rooted in zhejiang, the state of love; Thirty years of hard work, spring and autumn, the heart of the world; Weve had a lot of things in three decades, but weve focused on one thing: adding to Chinas bottle cap manufacturing industry.
Results: in thirty years now Qiao Bo, has covered "design research and development, manufacture, installation and debugging, after-sales service" the whole industry chain, Qiao Bo has become one of the most powerful moulding machine supplier in China, the core competitive advantage is increasingly protruding, ushered in the fast track of healthy development.
I teach every employee with "diligence, wisdom, conscientiousness and persistence" that only industry can realize its own labor value. To be wise, to create wealth; No matter the individual or the enterprise, only the persistence spirit, can go to the success of the other shore. Therefore, the jobos are industrious, intelligent, earnest and persistent. This also confirms the word hanging in my office: "the long wind and the waves will sometimes hang in the sea."
I sincerely hope to establish a good, reliable and stable cooperative relationship with each customer, join hands and develop together!
We live in a great era, an era of opportunities and challenges, a better tomorrow. We will stand in the new starting point and enter the next more glorious thirty years of jobo!